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old transport ship management regulation

Source:原創 Author:管理員 Time:2014-07-19 09:09

The first chapter is always

Article 1 with a view to strengthening the old transport ship management, optimize the structure of waterway capacity, improve the level of Marine technology, to ensure the safety of water transportation, promoting the healthy development of water transportation cause these provisions are formulated.

Article 2 these provisions shall apply to have the nationality of the People's Republic of China, is engaged in water transportation of sea-going ships and river boats.

Article 3 these regulations is the significance of the following terms:

(a) age, it is to point to ship from the date of completion to the fixed number of year;

(2) to purchase, rent light foreign ship vessel, is refers to the ship from the date of completion to the departments of commercial administration under the state council or its authorized departments and agencies issued by the import license of mechanical and electronic products

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